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Transit company looks to set up Clearview system

May 30, 2013

Stayner Sun

By Michael Gennings

A privately run transit company will survey Clearview Township residents to see if there is interest in having a local bus system.

Darren Parberry, president and chief executive officer of Metis Transportation Ltd., a Toronto-based company, spoke to council at its meeting on Monday, May 27.

Parberry said the company is interested in setting up a local bus service if there is enough community support for one.

He asked council for a letter stating the municipality supports the company surveying residents, something council agreed to do.

Deputy Mayor Alicia Savage said there is a lot of interest in having a local transportation system.

Parberry said the company will launch the survey in June. He said there will be an online survey at and that paper surveys will be available at locations in the community.

The survey will run for a six to eight-month period.

If at least 60 per cent of the people surveyed support having a local system, Parberry said the company will ask council for another letter, this time one that says Metis Transportation can proceed with setting up a transit system in Clearview.

The company will then strive to have the system operational within a six-month period, Parberry said.

He added that before the system would start, there would be extensive consultation with residents to determine the route.

The system would start small, Parberry noted, adding there would be just one bus. He said the aim is to grow the system as needed. The company would use a small bus that seats 18-26 people.

Parberry stressed there would be no municipal dollars needed to run the system.

He said costs would be covered through fares and advertising, which would appear on the interior and exterior of the bus, as well as on bus shelters and route maps.

The company currently has no buses operational, but Parberry said that will change in September or October when it starts running four buses in Peterborough County under the same model that’s proposed for Clearview Township.

He said the company is also proposing the model for other municipalities in Simcoe County that don’t have transit systems.

Asked about the company’s name, Parberry said it’s in tribute to his Metis heritage.

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