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If your town, or community would like our service, then contact us and we will arrange to meet with your local council. We MUST receive a letter of support from the local council BEFORE we can begin the process of bringing public transit to your community.

Once a support letter is received, then we survey the community to determine the community needs, including the level and type of transit service.

After service has begun in your community, you have the option of requesting additional service by completing the following and mail it to: 10-6 Greenbrook Drive
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6M 2J9

Request for additional service for: (Town or Community)_______________________

Date: __________________________

Please select one of the following level of service for your area.

Select Level & Type of Service

(_____) 1. Introduction of the route as a peak period (rush hour) only route. (Initial Service )
(_____) 2. Monday to Friday midday service.
(_____) 3. Monday to Friday early evening service (until 10pm)
(_____) 4. Saturday daytime service (until 7pm)
(_____) 5. Saturday early evening service (until 10pm)
(_____) 6. Monday to Friday late evening service (until 1am)
(_____) 7. Saturday late evening service (until 1am)
(_____) 8. Sunday & Holiday daytime service (until 7pm)
(_____) 9. Other Suggestion: __________________________________________________________


I / We would like additional service on the following street(s):___________________________________


Please attach any supporting documents, including letters, to this request form.

For each increase in a service level, a minimum of 100 requests must be made for a specific time period.
(Example: If you would like service to operate on a level 5 service level (Monday to Saturday from 6:00am to 10:00pm) a minimum of 500 requests is required within a 30 day time period.)

Petitions, letters, e-mails are acceptable means of documents. In the future, phone calls & faxes will also be accepted.

We thank you for your time.
Thank You For Visiting. Come back soon!

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