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In 1999, an individual Métis began a feasibility study into owning and operating a privately owned and operated public transit system.

The feasibility study showed that a need existed to provide such a service and Métis Transportation was formed.

Here is a brief introduction to Métis Transportation.

What is Métis Transportation?

Métis Transit is Canada's first National Aboriginal owned and operated municipal-style public transit system and is owned and operated by a string team that is both Aboriginal (Métis and First Nation) and non-Aboriginal. This system is designed to be a community based transit system.

Why is it called Métis Transportation?

As a community of People who care, this transit system is designed with the same caring and understanding of the Métis People. The concept of Métis Transportation was done by a Métis person with a vision and an entrepreneurial spirit and who is also Metis.

There will also be a chance for the community to have their say by requesting additional service, bus stops, community recycling bins and more.

How do you set up your service?

As per our mandate, we meet with the local councils twice. The first is to request a letter of support to survey the community to see if the general public wants transit service. If over 60% of the respondants are positive, then we ask the local council for a second letter of support to start the process to bring transit to that community. This process is done currently at NO cost to the taxpayers.

Who will be part of Métis Transportation?

This system is designed to provide a training ground for the Aboriginal, Métis and the local Community by providing direct and in-direct jobs.

How is Métis Transportation governed?

Métis Transportation has a board of directors that and are highly skilled and trained and have years of experience in their respective fields (marketing, transit planning, emergency response, culture).

Where will Métis Transportation be provided?

Service will be provided in communities that have requested our service. Through a process, it will be determined if the community can sustain a community-based public transit system. If the public consultation process shows that our service is needed, then the process to introduce our community-based transit service shall commence. Watch our web site and your local newspapers to see where our service is being provided.
This process has resulted in numerous communities in Peterborough County that will be receiving an Aboriginal owned and operated public transit system.
How will Métis Transportation be different?

As a community-based transit system, Métis Transportation will create special "Community Days". These "Community Days" are designed to help and promote local community groups and events.

Additionally, a "Community Transit Advisory Committee" will be formed in each community. This committee will be made up of members of the general public, with one person from each age group (Children, Student, Adult, Senior) and will meet once per month to provide feedback from the general public.

Métis Transportation will also be promoting the Aboriginal Community through its Cultural Division. There is also an on-line store which promotes Aboriginal Artists and their work.
The company is currently at the start-up stage. The main objective of this private for-profit, community-based corporation is to provide transit service where no municipal transit system currently exists. The company is owned and operated by members of the Aboriginal Communities (Métis, First Nations) and managed by a skilled and experienced management team.

The company has letters of support from, a former Premier of Ontario, and current Members of Parliament to provide public transit service.

An initial investment of $20,000,000 (includes 30 brand new 26-ft low floor, wheelchair accessible buses, custom made self sufficient transit shelters) at this early start up stage presents an opportunity for the investor to be part of a business that is currently needed and has the potential to grow, at a steady rate. The current area that would be covered within two years would be approximately 13,000 square kilometres.

Métis Transportation projected revenue will not only be based on fares but also on the advertising revenue received from inside and outside of buses, on bus stop schedules, on the web site, and much more.

Additionally, there will also be a chance for the community to have their say by requesting additional service, bus stops, and much more.

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Métis Transportation is currently 100% self-sufficient.

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